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We’ve been in business since 2011 and have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world. Our in house manufacturing capabilities allowed us to perfect our products over the years and get ahead of the competition. is a market leader for 80mm front adapters, caps, and follow focus gears.

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Not all 80/95mm O.D. lens adapters are equal; One of the primary functions of an 80/95mm O.D. lens adapter is to allow for a light tight connection between your lens and matte box. When experimenting with different adapter designs, we quickly realized the need for a “lip” on the adapter that acts as a hard stop when sliding the matte box towards the lens. Without the “lip” it is easy to push the lens too far into the matte box, thereby creating a gap through which unwanted light can enter. If you take a look at actual Cine Lenses, they either have a lip or a barrel that is several inches deep. This is obviously a crucial feature you don’t want to go without.

Here are all the main features of our Cine Rings:

  • Lip that prevents light leaks and acts as a hard stop
  • Allows for the use of clip-on accessories
  • Allows for use with Cine Lens Caps or Photo clip-on caps
  • Provides an 80mm/95mm outside diameter to mount all your favorite cine accessories
  • Features 77mm front filter threads (92mm threads in case of the 95mm O.D. Cine Ring)
  • Machined from high quality billet aluminum  and black anodized

Seamless Lens Gears – Shop Now
Machined vs 3d printed
All our lens gears are machined from POM (Delrin), a very durable and self lubricating material, used for gears in many different industries. Our gears start as a solid rod of POM. We then machine (cut) away all the unnecessary material until only the material that forms the gear is left. This process is extremely accurate and creates very durable parts with a very nice surface finish. Almost all professional lens conversion shops use gears manufactured with this process.

3d printed gears are created by fusing plastic cord together, layer by layer. Think of a hot glue gun building up a shape by depositing one layer of molten plastic after another. Naturally, 3d printing is neither very accurate nor does it create a very durable end product. It also leads to an uneven surface finish and you can see the actual fused together layers. We do have in house 3d printing capabilities that we use for prototyping, but we don’t deem the process to be of sufficient quality for production use.

Something else to consider: Although low profile gears look “sexy” there is not much justification for them from a technical stand point. Most still image lenses are fairly small in diameter and have a short focus throw compared to actual cine lenses. These shortcomings can be overcome by the right choice of focus gear. A larger gear will provide a better gear ratio between the lens gear and the follow focus, thereby counteracting the short focus throw found on most still image lenses. Furthermore, it is desirable if you can keep the gear diameter constant across as many of your lenses as possible. If you take a look at actual cine lenses, you will notice that they usually have a uniform lens gear diameter. This means that you don’t have to constantly readjust your follow focus after switching lenses.

Here are all the main features of our Lens Gears:

  • High precision, fully machined. Not low quality 3d printed.
  • Sized so you can maintain the same gear diameter across many different lenses
  • Sized so you get a focus throw similar to many cine lenses
  • Truly seamless 360 degree gear so it won’t get in the way of long focus pulls.
  • Will fit the lens perfectly like the lens gears on actual cine lenses. Professional and simple.
  • Shrink fitted or friction fitted to lens instead of sets screws that have the potential to cause damage to the lens.
  • Truly round gear for smooth operation unlike many of the other available gears.
  • Good abrasion resistance. Self lubricating properties.

Cine Caps – Shop Now
We have long been known for having the best Cine Caps available in the market. We are in the business of making lens caps since 2012 and had a lot of time since then to perfect them. Being able to manufacture lens caps completely in house, from fabrication of the mold up to the actual molding, gives us a leg up on the competition. We spent a significant amount of time to find the perfect raw material blend for our Cine Caps which makes them more durable than what you find from other competitors. We also mold them in a semi manual process in order to avoid ugly looking ejector marks on the inside of the cap.

Here are all the main features of our Cine Lens Caps:

  • Perfect fit because we have 100% control over the in house manufacturing process
  • Very durable material
  • Good cosmetics (no ejector marks on the inside of the cap)