Pro Aperture Gear


Pro Aperture Gear



1x Mod 0.8 Custom Cut Pro Aperture Gear




The Cordvision Pro Aperture Gear brings your still image lenses one step closer to actual cine lenses and thereby makes your life on set easier. We wanted to offer a truly high quality aperture gear and realized quickly that unless the gear is custom machined for each lens, there will always be drawbacks. Therefore, all our Pro Aperture Gears get custom machined to the exact diameter of your aperture ring. If you want a really high quality seamless aperture gear, this is definitely the way to go. Most gears are machined within a week of the order date.

Installation of the Gear:
After heating the gear in the oven, it will expand a little bit so you can slide it over your aperture ring. As it cools down, it will contract and thereby create a bond with the aperture ring.
This process is semi-permanent. You might have to cut the aperture gear if you want to remove it. We will send you detailed instruction on the installation process together with your gear. If your gear doesn’t fit, we’ll send you a replacement.



-High quality, fully machined. Not low quality 3d printed or injection molded.
-Truly seamless 360 degree gear so it won’t get in the way of long aperture pulls.
-Will fit the lens perfectly like the lens gears on actual cine lenses. Professional and simple.
-Shrink fitted to lens instead of sets screws that have the potential to cause damage to the lens.
-Truly round gear for smooth operation unlike many of the other available gears.
-Good abrasion resistance. Self lubricating properties.



108 teeth or 120 teeth depending on the aperture ring diameter. For lenses smaller than ca. 75mm in diameter, the 108 teeth gear will be used, for lenses larger than 75mm, the 120 teeth gear. Maximal allowable aperture ring diameter: ca. 84mm.

Thickness 4.5mm.

Mod 0.8


1x Mod 0.8 Custom Cut Pro Aperture Lens Gear


Tutorial on how to use calipers to measure the diameter of your aperture ring.